Indices and data on investments in listed securities - 2019 edition

Annual statistical survey on shares and fixed-income securities listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and other major stock exchanges (October 2019)

Section I: with the exception of Table III (total annual average return) , the indices and information in Section I cover all companies officially listed on Italian stock exchange. Table III covers selected companies only.

For more details see: Stock market indicators

Section II: all the information in this section refers to Government securities and bonds listed on Italian stock exchanges.

For more details see: Average redemption yield on selected listed Government securities and bonds.

Section III: the information covers major world and European Union stock exchanges. This section also contains data and indices on shares issued by major European and US companies, ranked by market capitalisation.

The paper-based survey is available filling the order ree of charge in electronic format (by download).

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Indici e Dati?

Indici e Dati provides aggregate and individual data on all companies officially listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, and on the principal fixed-income securities listed in Italy, and gives information on other EU and major world stock exchanges.

How representative is it?

The survey covers:
a) all companies listed on the Mercato Telematico Azionario (the Italian screen-based market);
b) the most important fixed-income securities, which are chosen on the basis of trading volume and average life to maturity;
c) major EU stock exchanges and eighteen of the major world financial centres;
d) the ten leading insurance companies, the ten leading banks and the thirty leading industrial companies in Europe and the U.S., measured by market capitalization.

When was it first published?

The first edition of Indices and Data came out in October 1947, the same time as Mediobanca's first Annual General Meeting was held.

Can back issues be consulted?

Back issues can be consulted by telephone appointment at Mediobanca's Research Department in Milan. Most economics faculty libraries in major Italian universities also have copies.

Has it been reviewed recently?

The most recent edition of Indices and Data came out on 23 October 2019. The major Italian national newspapers published reviews and comments on it the following day.

Has information given in this directory been reviewed or used in other publications?

A selection of articles and books is given below:
Marco Pagano, Fabio Panetta and Luigi Zingales, Why Do Companies Go Public? An Empirical Analysis, The Journal of Finance (February 1998)
Elio Moschetta, Le recenti innovazioni in tema di Dual Income Tax. L'impatto sulle politiche di indebitamento e sulla quotazione delle imprese, Rivista Milanese di Economia (January - June 1999)
Giovanni Siciliano, Cento anni di borsa in Italia (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2001)
Massimo Belcredi, Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini and Alessandro Penati, Le assemblee delle società quotate. Un'indagine empirica, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan - L'assemblea delle società quotate in un mercato che cambia (October 2001)
Francesco Cesarini and Maura Trillo, La gestione del capitale nella prospettiva delle banche regionali - Banche e Banchieri, (March-April 2004)




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