Calepino dell'azionista

Annual directory covering all companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (October 2019)

"Il Calepino dell'Azionista" contains brief reports on all companies quoted on Italian stock exchanges and on the over-the-counter market as at 30th June in its year of issue. Companies whose shares were suspended from listing at that date are not included. 

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of Il Calepino dell’azionista?

Il Calepino is a reference volume intended for anyone, from a private individual to an institutional investor, who wants to assess the performance of a listed company as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Where does its title come from?

Ambrogio da Calepio (1435?-1511?) was a friar from Bergamo. He was responsible for compiling a Latin dictionary, published in Reggio Emilia in 1502, which revolutionized ancient lexicography and became the prototype for the modern dictionary. The term calepino thus in the course of the sixteenth century actually came to mean 'dictionary', and was translated into French as calepin, also signifying a substantial reference tome. When the Research Department of Mediobanca began to publish a set of reports on listed companies in 1956, it seemed appropriate to adopt this particular term for the title.

When was Il Calepino first published?

It first appeared in 1956.

And when did the most recent edition appear?

Il Calepino is distributed to shareholders attending Mediobanca's Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on 28 October each year.

Can back issues be consulted?

Back issues can be consulted by telephone appointment at Mediobanca's Research Department in Milan. Most economics faculty libraries in major Italian universities also have copies.

Has information given in this directory been reviewed or used in other publications?

A selection of articles and books is given below:
Giorgio Brunello, Clara Graziano, and Bruno Parigi, Does firm performance affect Board of Directors' turnover in Italy?, in "Ricerche sui servizi dell'industria mobiliare italiana", third Consob seminar, Milan 1998
Roberto Barontini and Lorenzo Caprio, Board of Directors, top executives and sensitivity of turnover to performance: The Italian experience in comparative perspective, ibid.
Giovanni Siciliano, Cento anni di borsa in Italia (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2001)
Marco Bigelli, Stefano Mengoli, Sandro Sandri, I fattori determinanti la struttura finanziaria delle imprese italiane: una verifica empirica sulle società quotate italiane, Sulla rivista Finanza, Marketing e Produzione, Dicembre 2001, n.4




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