Ricerche e Studi S.p.A. Profile

Ricerche e Studi, or R&S for short, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mediobanca - Banca di Credito Finanziario S.p.A., which set up the company in 1970 as a separate economic and financial research unit with its own team of specialist researchers to produce company and industry surveys of the type Mediobanca had been publishing since its own inception in 1946.

R&S' analysts use exacting methods in carrying out research and publishing programmes which have to be approved by the company's Advisory Committee. This Committee, which includes a number of distinguished economics professors, ensures that all R&S' output is produced to the highest standards of accuracy and objectivity.

R&S has produced major surveys on Italian companies, industrial sectors and the country's capital market. Its earliest survey appeared in 1970 and was the first in-depth guide available on the Italian chemical industry.

The company also started publishing sets of briefs on Italian listed companies, which in 1976 were developed into the first edition of the R&S Annual Directory covering the country's leading businesses.



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