Mediobanca is the leading investment bank in Italy. The Mediobanca Group operates through three divisions: Corporate & Investment Banking, Principal Investing, and Retail & Private Banking (Compass, CheBanca! and Banca Esperia). Since 2006 Mediobanca has been extending its international footprint, with branch offices set up in Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, London, New York, Istanbul, Moscow and Luxembourg.

The Bank has adopted a traditional corporate governance model, with two governing bodies whose members are appointed by shareholders in general meeting: the Board of Directors and the Statutory Audit Committee. The Mediobanca Group is headed by Renato Pagliaro and Alberto Nagel, who serve as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer respectively.

Mediobanca Board of Directors

  • Renato Pagliaro
  • Alberto Nagel
  • Alberto Lupoi
  • Alberto Pecci
  • Angela Gamba
  • Elisabetta Magistretti
  • Francesco Saverio Vinci
  • Gabriele Villa
  • Marie Bolloré
  • Maurizia Angelo Comneno
  • Maurizio Carfagna
  • Maurizio Costa
  • Maximo Ibarra 
  • Valérie Hortefeux
  • Vittorio Pignatti-Morano Campori 



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