Annual directory covering all companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (October 2019)
    A joint research by Confindustria - R&S Mediobanca - Unioncamere (March 2013)
    Annual statistic survey on aggregates of principal Italian manufacturing companies (September 2020)
    Information on intermediate size companies
    Mediobanca-Unioncamere annual survey of medium-sized Italian businesses (October 2020)
    List of the leading Italian companies which is updated annually (November 2020)
    Annual statistical survey of major banks located in Europe, Japan, United States and China (July 2019)
    Awarded to companies which stand out for their high growth rates and good profitability
    Annual statistical survey of major international companies (November 2018)
    Quarterly survey of the leading companies listed on the Italian Stock Market
    Economic and financial data covering all key areas of Italy's corporate sector (printed version, July 2019)
    Published by Unioncamere the book covering the methodology of the model (August 2006)
    Annual survey of Italian and non-Italian wine industry companies (May 2020)
    Sector analysis of first nine months trends in the accounts
    Survey on the world's largest telecommunication companies
    Focus on the leading software and internet companies
    Sector analysis of first half trends in the accounts
    Survey of the main players in the large-scale food distribution industry in Italy and the leading international operators in this sector
    Sector analysis of quarterly trends in the accounts
    Survey of Italian Fashion and large European Fashion companies (2014-2018)
    First report (May 2019)

    Stock exchange and financial markets

    Average redemption yield on selected Italian bonds and Government securities (daily elaboration)
    Annual statistical survey on shares and fixed-income securities listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and other major stock exchanges (October 2019)
    Annual statistical survey on Italian Funds and SICAVs (September 2019)
    Indicators for shares listed on the Mercato Telematico Azionario (MTA) - Italian screen-based Stock Exchange (daily elaboration)

    Other topics

    Performance indicators for Italian national health service hospitals. Tests carried out between 1994 and 1996 (March 1997)
    Complete list of the published reports (published from 1970 to 2000)
    Proceedings (in Italian) of a conference held in Rome on 15th and 16th November 2000 on the prospects for State and private pension schemes in Italy
    Survey prepared to look into Italy's competitiveness when faced with the challenges posed by the Euro and economic globalisation (October 2000)



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