Alberto Nagel

Alberto NagelAlberto Nagel was born in Milan on 7 June 1965. Having successfully obtained his diploma from the classical high school, he studied Economics and Business Studies at the Bocconi University in Milan, where he graduated in 1990. Alberto Nagel has spent his entire career at Mediobanca, taking on positions of increasing responsibility. Having been recruited on 2 April 1991, he started off in the Finance division, before moving to the General Secretariat of which he became head in 1997. After the organizational structure of the Bank developed, he was made head of the Investment Banking division. He was promoted to the rank of officer on 1 April 1995, and appointed Central Manager on 1 February 1998, Deputy General Manager on 12 April 2002 and General Manager on 14 April 2003. In July 2007 Alberto Nagel was appointed Managing Director, and in October 2008 became Chief Executive Officer of Mediobanca.



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